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Drones Under 2 Lakh

Buy drones under 2 Lakh from Jetayu Gadgets. Purchase DJI drones and Autel drones in India at the best prices. Explore the DJI Mini Series, DJI Mavic Series, DJI Enterprise Drones, Autel EVO II Series, Autel EVO Nano Series, and EVO drone accessories. Enjoy free delivery.

DJI Drones Under 2 Lakh

Autel Drones Under 2 Lakh

₹1,89,496   ₹1,88,496
EVO Lite+
₹1,99,000   ₹1,89,500
EVO lite
₹1,14,605   ₹1,60,000
EVO Nano+
₹1,90,000   ₹1,30,000
EVO Nano
₹1,40,000   ₹1,25,000
Autel LITE + Bundle
₹1,88,571   ₹1,80,999
Alt Alt

Find the top drones in India at amazing prices at Jetayu Gadgets. Jetayu Gadgets offers a wide variety of DJI and Autel drones in India, made to boost your photo and video skills. Check out our cool DJI and Autel drone selection at unbeatable prices and dive into the exciting world of aerial photography.

Autel Drones Accessories

Live Deck 2
₹57,911   ₹57,311
EVO Battery Charging Hub
₹7,479   ₹7,379
EVO II Pro ND Filters
₹5,725   ₹5,325
EVO II Propeller Guards
₹1,634   ₹1,434
EVO FoxFury Lighting System
₹12,897   ₹12,297
EVO Car Charger
₹6,549   ₹6,149
EVO Gimbal Cover
₹899   ₹819