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DJI Phantom 4 RTK Drone

₹5,80,000 Sale
  • Max flight time: 30 min
  • Max transmission range: up to 4.34 miles (7 km)
  • 20 MP 1-inch CMOS Sensor
  • Built-in RTK module, support PPK
  • Accurate positioning data with TimeSync
  • Integrated flight planning with GS RTK app
  • Complete mapping solution when used with DJI Terra
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Phantom 4 RTK: Visionary Intelligence. Elevated Accuracy.

Upgrade your mapping missions using the Phantom 4 RTK. It's a small and super precise mapping tool that flies low. It's got cool features like a 1-inch CMOS sensor, an RTK module, and a smart GS RTK app. Plus, it syncs time, connects easily with OcuSync, and works with D-RTK 2 GNSS Mobile Station. This means it's accurate down to 1cm horizontally and 1.5cm vertically, with 5cm precision for photogrammetric models. You can plan flights using the GS RTK app and collect RTK data hassle-free, making it perfect for surveys, maps, or inspections right from the start.

Centimeter-Level Positioning System

The Phantom 4 RTK offers centimeter-level positioning with real-time accuracy, improving image metadata. It supports Post Processed Kinematics (PPK) via DJI Cloud PPK Service and connects seamlessly to D-RTK 2 or NTRIP via 4G or WiFi.

Gather Accurate Data with TimeSync

TimeSync ensures precise alignment between the flight controller, camera, and RTK module in the Phantom 4 RTK, optimizing data accuracy. It fixes positioning data to the optical center of the lens for centimeter-level positioning in photogrammetry.

Precise Imaging System

The Phantom 4 RTK has a 1-inch, 20MP CMOS sensor and a mechanical shutter for seamless mapping. It achieves a 2.74 cm GSD at 100 meters altitude. Each camera lens undergoes rigorous calibration for accurate post-processing adjustments.

Purpose-Built Flight Planning Application

The DJI GS RTK app and Remote Controller with built-in screen streamline surveying missions. It offers multiple planning modes like Photogrammetry and Waypoint Flight. Users can import KML/KMZ files for mission optimization, all viewed on a 5.5-inch HD display.

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In the Box

  • Aircraft Body × 1
  • Remote Controller × 1
  • Propeller Pair × 4
  • Intelligent Flight Battery × 2
  • AC Power Cable × 1
  • WB37 Remote Controller Intelligent Battery × 1
  • AC Power Adapter × 1
  • Intelligent Battery Charging Hub × 1
  • Intelligent Flight Battery Charging Hub × 1
  • Gimbal Clamp × 1
  • MicroSD Card (16GB) × 1
  • Carrying Case × 1
  • Micro USB Cable × 1
  • USB-C Cable × 1
  • USB-C OTG Cable × 1
  • Phillips Screw × 2


1391 g


30 mins

Max Flight Time

Image Quality


1″ CMOS Sensor


RTK Module








D-RTK 2 GNSS Mobile Station


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