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DJI Mini 3 Pro vs. Mini 4 Pro Comparison: Best Price in India

DJI Mini 3 Pro vs. Mini 4 Pro Comparison: Best Price in India

Are you torn between the DJI Mini 3 Pro and Mini 4 Pro drones? Both are fantastic choices, but understanding their differences can help you make the right decision based on your specific needs and preferences. Let's dive into a detailed breakdown of their features


Sensor: Both drones utilize a 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor boasting an effective resolution of 48MP.

  • Mini 4 Pro: This model excels with 4K HDR video capabilities, offering up to 100fps for stunning slow-motion footage and 60fps for standard recording. It also boasts a higher bitrate for richer detail.
  • Mini 3 Pro: Capable of recording 4K HDR video at up to 60fps.
  • Photo: Both drones capture impressive 48MP photos in RAW and JPEG formats.

    Low Light: The Mini 4 Pro gains a slight advantage here due to features like Dual Native ISO technology, enhancing its performance in low-light conditions.

    Dynamic Range: With a wider dynamic range, the Mini 4 Pro captures better details in both highlights and shadows.

    Safety and Flight

    Obstacle Avoidance:

  • Mini 4 Pro: Takes the lead with its omnidirectional obstacle avoidance system featuring sensors in all directions—front, back, sides, and bottom.
  • Mini 3 Pro: Equipped with obstacle sensors primarily in forward, backward, and downward directions.
  • Maximum Flight Time:

  • Mini 3 Pro: Offers an impressive 47 minutes of flight time with the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus, while the standard battery provides 34 minutes.
  • Mini 4 Pro: Provides a maximum flight time of 45 minutes with Intelligent Flight Battery Plus and 34 minutes of flight time with Intelligent Flight Battery.
  • Wind Resistance: Both drones can handle wind speeds up to 38 kph (23 mph).

    Other Features

    Remote Controller:

  • Mini 4 Pro: Utilizes the new DJI RC-N1 controller boasting a brighter screen, improved ergonomics, and OcuSync 3+ transmission system for an extended range and stable connection.
  • Mini 3 Pro: Uses the DJI RC-N1 controller as standard or the optional DJI RC, featuring the OcuSync 3 transmission system
  • Weight: Both drones weigh under 249 grams (0.55 lbs), ensuring compliance with most drone regulations.

    Intelligent Features: You'll find similar intelligent features like QuickShots, FocusTrack, and Hyperlapse on both models for creative shooting. Night Mode: Only the Mini 4 Pro offers a dedicated Night Mode, enhancing video quality in low-light conditions

    Why Should Choose Which?


    Choose Mini 4 Pro if:

  • You prioritize professional-looking footage with smooth slow-motion capabilities.
  • Safety features like omnidirectional obstacle avoidance are crucial.
  • You're willing to invest a bit more in the latest technology.
  • Nighttime shooting is important.
  • Choose Mini 3 Pro if:

  • You seek a good camera at a competitive price, especially with deals.
  • You're a confident pilot capable of managing obstacles carefully.
  • Excellent flight time with the Plus battery is a priority.
  • In conclusion, both the DJI Mini 3 Pro and Mini 4 Pro offer exceptional features tailored to different user preferences. Understanding your priorities will help you select the perfect drone to elevate your aerial photography and videography experiences.

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