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DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Drone (3E) Basic Combo

₹3,77,499 Sale
  • Compact and Portable
  • 45-min Max Flight Time
  • 4/3 CMOS Wide Camera
  • 56× Hybrid Zoom
  • DJI O3 Enterprise Transmission
  • Centimeter-level Positioning with RTK
  • High-Volume Loudspeaker
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Buy DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Drone (3E) Basic Combo at the Best Price in India

The DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Drone is the perfect drone for professionals who need a reliable and high-performing aerial platform. With its compact and portable design, the Mavic 3E can go with you wherever you need it, making it easy to capture stunning aerial footage and photographs on the go. The Mavic 3E boasts a maximum flight time of 45 minutes, giving you plenty of time to capture all the footage you need. It also features a wide camera with a 4/3 CMOS sensor, allowing you to capture stunning, high-resolution images and video from the sky. And with its 56x hybrid zoom capability, you can get up close and personal with your subjects without losing any detail. Elevate Your Professional Missions: Step into a new era of aerial efficiency with the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise (3E) Basic Combo. This drone package is engineered to revolutionize your professional operations, offering a blend of sophisticated technology and user-friendly features. It’s an essential asset for a wide range of applications, from critical inspections to cinematic captures, ensuring that every mission is executed with unparalleled precision and efficiency. Superior Imaging System: With its advanced camera capabilities, the Mavic 3E captures every detail in extraordinary clarity. This drone is equipped to deliver professional-grade imagery, making it perfect for high-resolution mapping, detailed inspections, and creating captivating content. The quality of the footage sets new standards, ensuring that your aerial data is both accurate and visually stunning. Extended Flight Times: Benefit from the Mavic 3E’s enhanced battery performance, which offers extended flight durations. This critical feature allows you to cover more ground and complete missions with fewer interruptions, making your operations more efficient and productive. The longer flight times reduce the need for frequent battery changes, keeping you focused on the task at hand. Advanced Connectivity: The Mavic 3E features a robust transmission system, providing stable, long-range connectivity. This advanced communication technology ensures that you can confidently pilot the drone in remote or difficult-to-access areas, maintaining a solid connection for seamless control and data sharing, even across vast distances. All-Weather Performance: Designed to be as resilient as it is versatile, the Mavic 3E thrives in a variety of environmental conditions. Its weather-resistant build allows for operation in challenging weather, ensuring that your missions can proceed uninterrupted, regardless of rain or wind, making it a reliable companion in any scenario. Compact and Agile: Despite its powerful capabilities, the Mavic 3E boasts a compact and lightweight design. This agility makes it incredibly portable and easy to deploy, offering operational readiness that is unmatched. Its size and speed are advantageous in emergency situations and confined spaces, providing rapid response capabilities when every second counts. Enhanced Safety Features: Safety is paramount with the Mavic 3E, which comes equipped with sophisticated obstacle detection and avoidance systems. These technologies provide peace of mind during flight, ensuring the drone navigates safely around obstacles, minimizing risks and protecting both the equipment and the environment. Intelligent Flight Modes: The Mavic 3E simplifies complex aerial tasks with its array of intelligent flight modes. These automated functionalities, from precise mapping to dynamic tracking, offer enhanced operational efficiency and creativity, enabling you to focus on the mission objectives while the drone handles the intricacies of flight and data capture. Basic Combo Essentials: The Basic Combo is thoughtfully curated to include the Mavic 3E along with essential accessories for immediate use. This package ensures that you have all the necessary tools at your disposal, from batteries to chargers, allowing for swift deployment and seamless integration into your workflow. The DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise (3E) Basic Combo is not just a drone; it’s a comprehensive aerial solution that melds cutting-edge technology with practical design. It’s tailored for professionals who demand the best in aerial imaging and operational flexibility, making it an invaluable tool across various industries..

Lightweight and Portable

The DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Drone is lightweight, compact, and foldable, making it easy to carry and transport for solo operation. Its portability allows for fast deployments, giving you the flexibility to quickly set up and start capturing stunning aerial footage and photographs. Whether you’re a professional photographer, a filmmaker, or just someone who loves to capture aerial footage, the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Drone is sure to become your go-to tool. .

Endless Expansion Options

The DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Drone is equipped with various optional accessories, including a loudspeaker, RTK module, and DJI Cellular Dongle, to enhance its capabilities and allow you to do more in the air. These official accessories allow you to customize your drone to meet the specific needs of your mission or project, giving you the versatility and flexibility you need to get the job done.

Omnidirectional Sensing

The DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Drone is equipped with wide-angle lenses on all sides and advanced APAS 5.0 technology for omnidirectional obstacle avoidance. This ensures that the drone can detect and avoid obstacles in all directions, with zero blind spots, providing enhanced safety and reliability during flights. Whether you’re flying in complex environments or need to avoid obstacles in your path, the Mavic 3E has you covered.

Fly Longer, Charge Faster

The DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Drone has a maximum flight duration of 45 minutes, allowing you to cover more ground and increase efficiency in a single flight. Its batteries also charge quickly using the included 100W charging hub, ensuring that you can get back in the air as soon as possible. Whether you’re using the drone for professional missions or want to capture long aerial footage and photographs, the Mavic 3E has the endurance and convenience you need

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In the Box


Mavic 3E Aircraft


Mavic 3 Intelligent Flight Battery


microSD Card 64GB


Gimbal Protector


Mavic 3 Enterprise Series Propellers (Pair)


RC Pro Enterprise




USB-C Power Adapter (100W)


100W Power Adaptor AC Cable


USB-C Cable


USB-C to USB-C Cable


Protector Case

  1. Measured with Mavic 3 Enterprise Series flying at a constant speed of 32.4 kph in a windless environment at sea level until the battery reached 0%. Data is for reference only. Please pay attention to RTH reminders in the DJI Pilot 2 app during flight.
  2. DJI Mavic 3E is equipped with a 20MP camera with a 4/3 CMOS and a tele camera. DJI Mavic 3T is equipped with a 1/2-inch CMOS 48MP wide-angle camera, a tele camera, and an IR camera.
  3. Available for Mavic 3T only. DO NOT expose the thermal camera lens to strong sources of energy such as the sun, lava, or laser beams. Otherwise, the camera sensor may be burned, leading to permanent damage.
  4. Sold separately.
  5. DO NOT use the aircraft in severe weather conditions, including heavy wind exceeding 12 m/s, snow, rain, fog, hail, or lightning. DO NOT fly the aircraft 6,000 m (19,685 ft.) or higher above sea level. DO NOT fly the aircraft in environments where the temperature is below -10° C (14° F) or above 40° C (104° F). DO NOT take off from moving objects such as cars or boats. DO NOT fly close to reflective surfaces such as water or snow. Otherwise, the vision system may be limited. When the GNSS signal is weak, fly the aircraft in environments with good lighting and visibility. Low ambient light may cause the vision system to function abnormally. Pay special attention to flight safety when flying near areas with magnetic or radio interference. Common magnetic or radio interference sources include high-voltage lines, large-scale power transmission stations, radar stations, mobile base stations, broadcasting towers, Wi-Fi hotspots, routers, and Bluetooth devices.
  6. Only supported in manual flight mode. Fly cautiously in dangerous environments.

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